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Treebo Almas Bangalore

Treebo Almas BangaloreI started my journey from Mumbai to Bangalore on 22nd of Feb, 2018, early morning at around 4 A.M. and reached Bangalore by 10 P.M. The hotel where I and my friends stayed was Treebo Elmas, because it was a budget hotel with all the amenities for a smart traveller. It is situated right in the heart of the city known as Koramangala in Bangalore. The place is well connected with rail, road but the airport is a bit far away. There are several malls in this area along with food joints and restaurants for people to have a leisure time ahead. And also getting to the hotel is not a big deal because google maps will guide you through.
As soon as I reached the hotel I was greeted with a warm smile by the staff. Surendra was there at the reception to receive me and guide me towards my room which was Room No. 105. The room which they offered me was a nice, compact and cozy with all the premium amenities a guest requires while travelling. The room was well equipped with a deluxe double bed, air-conditioner, LCD T.V., a study desk, a very well maintained hygienic washroom with running hot and cold water.

DSC_2793DSC_2788Weather in Bangalore is very pleasant compared to Mumbai. In day times temperatures may rise high due to sunlight but after the sun sets temperature starts to fall and it can even come down to 14 degrees or 15 degrees or may be more. So after my whole day of journey from Mumbai to Bangalore which was a tough 1000 kilometre solo ride I was really exhausted when I reached the hotel. I needed a shower to freshen up myself and I was relieved to see that there is hot water available inside my room. That shower was the most relaxing shower throughout my stay in Treebo Elmas.

DSC_2796 After my shower I was shooting my vlog but didn’t notice that it was already 11.20 P.M. and I remembered that I need to order something for food as it is going to be late and I might not get any food as the kitchen closes by 11 P.M. But the staff of the hotel after requesting them, really took great care about my food. I ordered kerala parantha and pepper chicken and I although ate everything being hungry and tired but it didn’t taste that good but also not bad. The following night I had a great sleep as I was already tired for having a long day. So I went to sleep without doing anything else.

Next morning on 23rd Feb I woke up with my friend Sanket’s call at around 9 in the morning, as he arrived at the hotel. Since he was coming by train so he came the next day. So there was another room at Treebo Elmas which was Room no. 305 for Sanket and Jeet who will be coming later that day, so Sanket checked in his room and after that around 12 P.M. Jeet also arrived from Kolkata. We met together had a chit chat and were again busy with our schedule. So my room was in the first floor and my friends’ room was in the 3rd floor.

The hotel has a good connectivity with internet via Wi-Fi but the issue which my friends faced was that there was hardly any signal available at the third floor but my room which was in the 1st floor had a moderate speed over the internet and also the AC in my friends’ room was not working properly. So I requested the staff to change their room and they did change their room and provided another room in the first floor. But the uploading speed of the hotel’s internet was really very poor as I and Jeet had to stay awake till around 5 in the morning while we were uploading a video and we had to come down to the reception lobby to have a better speed.

DSC_2811Still then at around 3 A.M. we spoke to the staff as they were present there and they provided us with a desk and two chairs for us at the reception lobby so that we can do our work with ease. It was really good to have such a supportive team of staff around when you are travelling.

While coming to food, the hotel served us complimentary free breakfast which was really good in terms of choices of food. They had bread, butter, jam, idli, dhosa, sambhar, boiled egg, orange juice, tea, coffee etc. which I think is really a wide variety in breakfast options. But one have to be there in time as the breakfast time is from 8 A.M. to 11 A.M. and one day it happened that we all slept late and when got up it was already 10.45 A.M. and when we rushed to the breakfast corner which was at the roof, although it was ending but still they gave us food after requesting them as we were late. Oh I forgot to mention one thing, that the breakfast place was like a roof top restaurant and the place is also just amazing with views of the urban city. We did have a good breakfast indeed.


But when it comes to other food options I will rate it 5 out of 10. This is also because one day when Sanket ordered food for Lunch and being a vegetarian he had to eat only fried rice with tomato ketchup as the hotel had no other options of food in veg category available then.

Outside the hotel there was some construction work going on and all the roads in front of the hotel were just too dusty and we would dare to roam outside freely. But never mind because that was something for which the hotel authorities should not be blamed. But the major issue was that there was no parking space available at the hotel. All you can manage is a road side parking. But the motorcycle which I took was a sleek and compact motorcycle, the Kawasaki z650, so it was not that much problem regarding parking. If it had been a car or a sports bike then it would be a great issue or else we would have to find some good spot for parking.

My room had only two plug points amongst which one is for T.V. and the other one is for charging devices. The one which is for charging devices was not working in my room. So I went up to Surendra who was at the reception and while asking him to guide me to a nearby electricals store where I can buy a three-pin power adapter which is basically used for connecting multiple devices at a go, that guy is so generous that he provided me with such an adapter and told me that I can use it throughout my stay. He was such a nice guy to have as your guide or staff. Also the room service was very good as we asked them to clean our rooms twice in between our stay and they really did a fantastic job. They cleaned the whole room, washroom and even changed the bed linen and provided us with new clean towels.

Overall I would say that our stay at Treebo Elmas in koramangala, Bangalore was an amazing stay with lot of memories. I along with my friends really enjoyed the stay over there.
Some more Pictures of the hotel:-
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