A short but enjoyable trip to Gorai beach and Manori beach- Part 1


Mumbai is full of beaches, and its beauty lies in there! Apart from the busy and hectic lifestyle of Mumbai, there is it’s another peaceful and beautiful face which I like to bring it to you guys. It was a bright noon, and I was all set for the day’s vlog. If you guys are meeting me for the first time, then I would like to introduce you to myself and my lifestyle. My name is Mohammed Salim Khan and I am a weekly vlogger. I vlog about my life, and I love to travel places. I also love to ride bikes and cars. I upload my video every Friday, and that day it was Thursday already where I did not had anything to vlog. So I decided to visit Manori and Gorai beach so that I keep my promise and give my viewers a video by the next day. So my today’s trip is to the Gorai Beach and Manori Beach Mumbai. As usual, I started off to the journey with my Yamaha R1 and dear friend Shabbir.

I set my trip meter on my Yamaha bike to zero so that I could come to know about the distance traveled at the end of the day. It was a bright sunny day, and I was traveling to Shabbir who was waiting for me. I saw Shabbir standing, and before we start on with the journey, I had to make some settings with my camera. A lot of my followers were complaining that we were not getting a right angle while shooting, so I and Shabbir decided to sit at tea and make corrections on the angle. We got a really good shot, but it was disappointing that the voice couldn’t record. Never mind! I was introducing my friend Shabbir all over again. He owns a Harly Davidson Street 750, and it was our second vlog together. Our first video was a lot of fun, and you can check it out on my channel. Shabbir’s bike was really impressive so let me introduce his bike in a better way. The flaunting body and features of the bike were flattering, and I couldn’t stop myself from putting my claim over it!

After tea and a little bit of chit chat, we headed towards our destination on our bikes. I reached to the Bandra Bridge where I can spot BKC on my left and Bandra Station on my left. Riding after a long time after rain was a very good and powerful feeling. It was 3:45 pm and I had reached to Jogeshwari. After traveling a little more, we crossed the Dahisar toll Naka and traveling a little more we decide to halt and have snacks at a Dhaba. After the break we drove again to our destination and by the time we reached there, the sun rays had already became a little softer. I forgot to turn my road mic on and dropped my helmet for the second time. We reached to the Purbhanda Dutt Mandir bus stop and already parked our bikes at the place. I was a little disappointed and heartbroken as I dropped my Go pro for the second time and it got some scratches.

After having some snacks at the dhaba, we are again heading to the Gorai Beach. We often face difficulties and hurdles in life, but we shouldn’t stop as we get great leanings from the hindrances. I got upset for quite some time due to the scratches on my Go Pro and recording mistakes, but with the above note, I am continuing my trip to the beach!

We soon reached to the beach after traveling to beautiful roads. The beach was quite beautiful with the setting sun. There was a famous resort at the beach, but due to the shortage of time, I wasn’t able to visit it. We decide to park our bikes and enjoy the beautiful view of the mesmerizing Gorai beach. Though there were very fewer people but you have to believe that it is not an isolated beach. You can enjoy hot roasted corns and other snacks at the beach. We decided to sit at the view and enjoy ourselves. The next part of this trip to the Manori Island will be available in my second part. So stay tuned!