About me

msk vlogsMy name is Mohammed Salim Khan from Mumbai. I have completed my B.com from Rizvi College of Arts Science and Commerce in Mumbai. I am an actor and trained myself for a year in the field of acting. I have done around 20- 25 short films and some commercials and even some music videos.

There are basically two main reasons why I started my YouTube channel. Firstly, as an actor we have to stay very muchfluent and confident in front of cameras. I realized that there was a lot of stage fear within me, I used to forget everything and get nervous whenever I came in front of the camera. So I started thinking how to overcome these difficulties.

“Where there is a will there is a way”. Someone said it very true.
I came up with a solution that the more I talk in front of cameras the more I will improve myself in terms of confidence and communications. Apparently I came across the term “vlogging” and got to know that this thing even existed. I realized that this is the perfect solution for overcoming the challenges which I was facing in my acting career.

Secondly, I am kind of a sporty guy and had a lot of interest in all sorts of adventurous stuff like travelling to unknown places, motorcycle riding, trekking, river rafting and loved to document them by filming my adventures which will serve later as memories to me.

I always had a craze for film making and wanted to learn its processes. So while making my travel videos and vlogs I will definitely learn a littlebit of film making. This is also another reason to start my YouTube channel.

I started making these videos of mine since 2012 but with the fear of what people will say and how will they react I never uploaded them. One fine day I went on a trek with my friends to kalsubai which is the highest peak of Maharastra and I made a video without talking to the camera. I uploaded that video and after exactly 25 days when I was checking that video back I noticed that there were around 2500 views on that video which was really a great thing for me then. Again when I went for river rafting in Kolad I made a video and uploaded that on YouTube. This was my turning point on my YouTube channel. People started watching my videos and I started getting decent number of views. This boosted up my confidence level and after that from 17th August 2016 I finally started uploading regular videos on YouTube and here now I am with all your blessings and love.

Baki saab badia hai.