Added a Tank Bag for Yamaha R1, Gloves & Knee Guard


All set for some shopping and thrill on the road!

So, as you guys already know that I am all set to start up with my Vlogging. Today, I am going to have some amazing shopping so that I can have all the essential stuff required for my upcoming trips and Vlogs. I am all set, have packed by bags as well, even my GoPro is mounted on my helmet and it is ready for some serious action. So let’s hope for the best from the day.

So, the first destination I am heading towards on my Yamaha R1 is A.H. Helmets (bandra). This is a kickass place for all kind of stuff that a biker or a traveler needs. Are you excited to know what I am about to buy? Well, that’s a surprise unfolding at the end!

I bought all that was essential and now the next place for the day was to inquire about DJI Drone. As I was riding down the road, I got to experience different things out in there. There was a cute girl with a flag, passing a beaming smile to me. I continued to ride and there was a huge bashing crowd around Chakala Metro Station.  So, I tried to figure out what has happened and it turned out be an Auto accident. Well, thanks to the humanity still left, people are there to help out the driver and I also assisted a bit. The driver was fine; he just got some minor scratches that are bleeding on his hand.

Now I reached my destination, and let me tell you guys, if you are looking out for the perfect drones and excellent services, then ASCOM SYSTEMS (B-303, Hind Saurashtra Industrial estate, Near Marol Metro station) is the only place you should opt for. For now, I won’t be buying any DJI drone, but will surely get one later. Here I could see some customers trying out their hands on the drones while getting instructions from the shop’s staff. So, really an amazing place it is.

Finally, the sun is down and I am going back to my home. It was really a tiring but, amazing day overall. So, you might be definitely excited to know what all things I bought! So, here I uncover those crazy and cool things that I have owned today.

Let’s start up with my Leebo Scoyco Gloves which are pretty cool and comfortable too. Well, I already had a pair of gloves earlier however; they aren’t much comfortable for short rides or city rides eventually. So, these ones are surely gonna work for me.

Up next is my ViaTerra tank bag for R1. Now, I can keep my GoPro and DSLR and other stuff in this safely and can ride anywhere without a headache. So this one goes as a good investment for sure!

And last but not the least, here comes my Aspida Knee Guards which are clearly amazing in terms of protection, safety and comfort. They can be comfortably bent so I can ride while staying protected.

Well, guys I know this is not the best video but I am just learning and I promise that in one year I will be your professional Vlogger and will come up with some amazing videos. So, till then see ya!