All about the celebration of completing my 1000 subscribers!


Life gives us a thousand reasons to celebrate, and none should be missed. Thi vlog is all about celebration, cake, dance, and party. The reason of the celebration was the closest to my heart as it was in looking back of me completing my 1000 subscribers. So, all the party and fun of the day was dedicated to my friends, subscribers, and family who have supported me all through the journey. I chose Dara’s Dhaba to celebrate the 1k subscribers where I had invited few of my friends and subscribers.  So let us get started and know about the day’s celebration right from the beginning!

It seemed that the weather was in the mood of partying itself. The sky was clear with moving clouds, and I started the day from cleaning my bike. So the plan was that first I will move towards Bandra east highway and Shafiq will be accompanying me. Shabbier and one of my subscribers will be waiting for us there, and from Bandra East, we will be heading towards our party destination. We started the ride without wasting any more time!

After a ride of couple of minutes in the beautiful clear weather, we reached to the planned location from where Shabbir and Omkar joined us for the party. We get Omkar waiting for us. However, Shabbir made us wait for some more time. Finally, all the friends were present, and then we headed towards Meera road Dara’s Dhaba where some other people joined us too.

Travelling and riding is something that I love. It was 12:35 in noon and I had already reached Borivali.  I could spot a National Park on my right-hand side, and the other mates were ahead of us. It was pleasing to see the sign board telling us to go straight for Meera Road. Shabbir and Omkar were waiting to spot us behind them. Taking a break is quite important, and therefore we were chit chatting a little on the go. However, we also could not wait to party, so we got our wheels rolling again!

After driving a little more, I spotted the venue at my left hand side and seriously couldn’t wait to hit it and enjoy the day. The place was quite authentic and nice with little wooden chambers and couches to sit and enjoy. Shabbir found the place like home and Omkar thought that it made all the traveling worth. Meelu joined us after a few moments later, and then we started with our party! The cake was already there but before we carried on with the cake cutting ceremony, I mentioned that the cake was not only for my 1000 subscribers but it was also dedicated to Omkar who had his birthday the previous day.  Omkar and Meelu were two of my thousand subscribers whom I will remember all my life as they are the first one I have ever met.

It was time for the cake cutting now!! The cake was ordered online, and oops! They addressed us with Youtube Celebrating 1000 subscribers on the cake. Youtube was a quite big thing so we did the correction from my side and made it Youtuber MSK (Mohammed Salim Khan), 1000 subscribers. The cake cutting was just a part of celebration but here comes my main note that I dedicated to my subscribers:

“Guys! You are the main part of my journey, and I would want to thank you for all the love you showered. All the advice and valuable comments mean a lot to me. Keep loving me and supporting me across my upcoming journey and I promise to make this family even bigger. So a big big thank you to all of you!”

After the cake cutting, it was now time for us to Dance! The Dara’s had made us a perfect dance setting with ethnic dhol and a folk singer in complete Dhaba style. It is an entirely different energy and zeal when you are dancing on a Dhol, and I bet only an Indian can feel that bliss! There was a quite lot of dancing and fun, and then it was time to regain the energy with the delicious food!

Food was ordered, and dancing was done. By the time our order came, I decided to take a round of the beautiful place. There was enough parking space, and I could see all our bikes parked there. The Dara’s Dhaba was a perfect combination of culture and authenticity with bamboo chambers with comfortable couches and a delicious range of desi cuisine along with various other options. They had a small amusement area for the children. We too joined the kids for some time; after all, it is good to be kids sometimes! The food over there was commendable and complimented best with our occasion.

The celebration and partying ended though we didn’t wanted it to end. So, it was time to ride back home, and we were again with our bikes. Omkar seemed quite fascinated by my Yamaha R1, and so I decided to teach him a little about it. The R1 has several modes like the standard modes etc. and you can control its acceleration and wheel rotation with a setting as well. Amidst all this, it was quite sweet of Meelu to bring me a gift. With this, I would like all of you to visit Meelu’s blog as well and give him love just the way you gave me. It was then time for the good bye ceremony, and all of us finally left for our homes.

It was almost night, and I was backing home. At the end, I thanked all my subscribers to be a part of my YouTube family. Though I cannot thank all the 1000 members separately but there are few whom I liked to mention. Mohd. Shahzad, Shravan Kumar from Vishakhapatnam, Imtiyaz from Dubai, Nilesh Patil, Husain Bappi from Bangladesh, Salman Khan, Sanjay Kamat and many more. These people comment on each of my videos, and for them, I had a special gift. I informed my friends that they can contact me on facebook to know more about the gifts. The names were not over.  For a new vlogger, every like and subscribe plays a very important role, so I thanked all my subscribers with all my heart!