An excellent trip to Oggy F Subscribers’ meets up at lonavla 2016- part 1


Hello friends! I hope all of you are doing well. I bring up to you guys my daily experiences and different vlogs. I believe that every person must live his or her life to the fullest and follow where their heart goes. My love or vlogging and riding is known to all but the experience that I am going to share with you guys today is a little different.  I will be sharing with you guys my experience on my visit as a subscriber to the Oggy F subscribers meets. Before we start on with the discussion over that journey, let me tell you that Oggy F is one of the most famous vloggers in India and he has many fans including me. So let us start on with that day’s experience.

It was 23rd of October 2016, and I woke up at 5:30 am in the morning. It was quite early for me, but I somehow managed to wake up. I was to travel to my favorite place Lonavala for the Oggy F subscribers meet up, and I was quite excited for the ride. I was not alone for the ride as BuFFMotO, Shabbir and Dan were to join me for the ride. The plan was that all of us meet up at Kala Nagar and from there we will be continuing our journey. I woke up early in the morning and started on with the first part of my vlog. We were expected at the place at 8 am, and therefore I rushed for the ride.

It was still dark when I started on with the journey, and the feeling was entirely different and fulfilling. I had a strong vibe that the trip was going to be awesome and remarkable. Soon I reached to the Kala Nagar spot where we decided to meet, and I could not spot BuFFMotO there. We took his update via call, but he was still sleeping. So we decided to continue with our journey as I didn’t wanted to be late for the meetup. I decided that we will take our next stop at Panvel where we will have our morning snack and wait for BuFFMotO to come. As I drove forward, the sun started rising, and it was the perfect climate for bike riding. The roads were empty, and it was perfect for riding the bike. The beautiful roads of between Mumbai and Lonavala make it the heavenly combination for all the bike riders in India. I even met one of my subscribers on the way, and it is a wonderful feeling to be loved so much.

We halted at McDonald’s to wait for BuFFMotO. The time was 7 am, and we were already late for the meet. We waited for our so- rider, but he did not attend out call, and therefore we decided to head without him as I could not afford to get more late.

I was in between the route to Lonavala McDonalds when I came to knew that Mr. BufFMotO has already reached there. I reached t the place and met a lot of people over there. There were other vloggers following Oggy F like me, and it was a great pleasure to meet all of them. Oggy F was really welcoming, and he revealed to us about another channel that he runs for a noble cause. It was a really memorable experience to meet new friends and even some of the subscribers as well. It feels so overwhelming when people appreciate your work and ask for tips and tricks from you. I was all obliged to meet these people, and the experience was really good.

People calling me a super cinematic guy and appreciating my work was one of the best parts of the meetup.  There were a lot of things that I got to learn from the meet up, and it was that it is not just the gathering of people who subscribe you but it is about sharing thoughts and exchanging ideas. However, this was not the end of the day as exciting things about the meet up are mentioned in the next part.

Before I come to an end, I would like to mention that Oggy F is a very polite and down to earth person I have ever met in my life. The catchy part of this meet up was that he informed us about his second channel which he runs to support cancer patients who cannot afford their treatment. The name of this vlog is Moto vlog for the cause. We can also support t the cause by subscribing the channel. This was it for this part, and you can follow up the other catchy things about this meet up in the second part. Thank you and take care!