Another exclusive experience from Bangalore to Mumbai


Life is all about having experiences and sharing them. We learn a lot from our life. There are several instances where we get some lesson from our daily life.

You guys must have seen the part 1 of my return journey to Mumbai from Bangalore which seems a very delightful journey and I was enjoying the ride, but in actual it is not like that. Something happened also here which I thought needed to be shared with you.

As all my Bangalore subscribers know that from coming to Bangalore I was having a hectic schedule and I was not having proper amount of sleep due to having ride, meetups and then again back to the hotel and again getting busy with the editing. Each day I was having either one or 2 hours of sleep roughly. Even on the day of breakfast ride to DD (Devarayana Durga) Hills I slept for only 45 minutes. So I didn’t have the chance to get proper sleep during my entire trip. And this left another great impact on my return ride from Bangalore to Mumbai.

There were several times I was getting dizzy and I was stopping now and then to get rid of the dizziness. Somewhere I stopped for tea or watermelon or any other snacks. But eventually I could not get myself out of that dizziness and I knew that this is very risky and dangerous. Somehow time passed and I stopped at a place for lunch and it was around by then 1:00 to 1:30 P.M.

I had my lunch took a bit of rest, had my RedBull and after that when I started my ride again I was feeling again super dizzy and sleepy. It often happens with people that after having food the mind tends to sleep as it needs some rest. But I couldn’t sleep because I have still another 500 to 550 kilometers left to be done to reach home. After starting my ride from there I realised that my eyes are automatically getting shut and this happened several times. At this moment I realized that my mind is not coordinating with my body. My body is working according to the requirements like applying brakes or throttle or overtaking trucks but my mind is somewhere else. This kind of thing also happens in straight patches of road. When there are twisty or you are in the city this thing won’t happen because the traffic or situations won’t let that happen. It felt like that I am unconscious while being conscious. My mind literally stopped working at that moment and I cannot realise what was happening. I tried to get rid of the sleep but nothing seems to work here.

It was at this moment when my eyes shut down for completely 2 to 3 seconds and as soon as my eyes opened, bang!! I hit the brakes so hard that there was a huge blow of shock within my head and I realised that it is high time I need to stop and take some rest. Immediately I spotted at a shade by the side of the highway and laid down on the ground just like while coming to Bangalore. It was only 10 to 15 mints I was asleep and I dreamt that someone was coming near to my motorcycle to have a loot of my stuff. I woke up with a jerk and found out that there was no one just an empty highway and cars and trucks flying by. I realised that my mind has started playing tricks with me due to lack of sleep and rest. I waited there for another 5 to 10 minutes and then got up and sprinkled water on my face did some workouts to energise myself and somehow got rid of that devastating sleep.

Mumbai to Bangalore Bike Ride

Again with the name of God I started my journey and suddenly stomach pain started and I felt like vomiting. Oh God! Now this is another serious issue I need to deal with. I realised that I need to use the toilet badly or else I might get more uncomfortable and sick. I somehow managed to get to a petrol station, and asked the guy over there to direct me to the washroom. The guy showed me the washroom and as I was heading to the washroom the manager of the petrol station jumped out of his cabin and started yelling at me that there is no washroom because there is construction work going on. But immediately I saw some other guy who is eventually a worker at that petrol station came out from the washroom wiping his wet hands. I requested the manager or the owner maybe to let me go to the washroom as it is very urgent for me because at that moment my stomach was aching severely and I needed to use the washroom immediately. I hope you guys understand the situation.

But the Khadhoos manager won’t let me in and I started arguing and after arguing somehow he let me use the washroom. I rushed to the washroom and when I came out I felt relaxed and fresh like there was a mountain on my shoulders and it got off. I realised that the washroom was meant only for the workers at the petrol station only and not for others. But I have been to petrol stations before who have washrooms and they also let travellers use that if they needed. Are these washrooms at the petrol stations are only for the staff or also for the travellers? Do let me know in the comments. This was something unfamiliar which happened with me. These are all experiences life has to offer you throughout your lifetime.

After that I somehow reached Hotel Goa Ves where I stopped for lunch while coming to Bangalore from Mumbai and by the time I reached there I was a bit fresh and not feeling that sleepy as I was feeling before and eventually it started getting dark. After crossing that hotel I met two of my subscribers, talked to them and went off again. As soon as it got dark I stopped again drank some water, cleaned my visor and again motivated myself for not getting defeated with this minor issue as people in the world have more major issues to live with and to deal with. I told myself that this is nothing and I can do it.

After that I continued my ride and reached home late that night at around 1:30 A.M. taking almost 18 hours 50 minutes from Bangalore to Mumbai. As soon as I reached home I was not at all in mood to shoot that I reached home but still I had to do it for you people kyunki mohabbat jo karate hai aapse. I completed my shoot took off my helmet, kept the bags aside and laid on the bed and as soon as I laid on the bed I was just in dead sleep and woke up the next day at around 2 P.M in the afternoon.

So this was all about my exclusive experience while returning back from Bangalore to Mumbai. Hope you liked it. If so please share it and let me know your views and ideas about the same in the comments section below. I will try to come up with this type of interesting stories very often for you.

Live your life, live your dream.

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