Bhandardara Camping and Road Trip (Part 1)


Travelling to new places and riding my bike is one of my favorite things in the world. I would wish to travel to new places and vlog till the end of the time. Hello my dear friends I am Mohd. Salim Khan and I am back once again to share with you people my travelling and vlogging experience of my life. I believe every person in the world must follow here his heart leads him and this time my heart leaded me to a new and very beautiful place. I would be sharing with you guys my wonderful camping experience and road trip to Bhandardara. Before I start on with my journey on that day, let me tell you all about the beauty and specialty of the place.

Friends! Bhandardara is a very beautiful holiday resort situated in a village near lagatpuri in the very famous Eastern Ghats of India. The place is said to be around 185 km away from Mumbai and is known for its scenic beauty beautiful rivers, Bhandardara waterfall and natural environment. One of my friends suggested me this place and therefore I decided to visit it with some of my friends. I never had an idea that the camping would turn out to be such a wonder and the road trip even enjoyable. We planned to leave early in the morning to the place as it is quite far from Mumbai and it will take a little long to reach there by road. I was taking my bike to the place as I could hardly do without my Yamaha R1.

I took a lot of stuff with me all which is necessary for the camping, road trip and for my vlogging. Whenever I leave for a long trip I ever forget to set my bike meter at zero so that I can know the distance I ride with my bike. I started on with the journey as soon as I can as it will take me long to reach because I ride my bike slow. Many of my subscribers often ask me regarding my slow driving and the answer to all of them is that I love my life and riding fast could take that from me.  So I kept on riding till I reached our tea spot.

My two dear friends were waiting for me there complaining about me taking long time to reach. After finishing off with the tea session all of us left for the further journey. Dev and Zeon were waiting for us ahead of us again grunting about the time I took to ride. It was already 8 till all of us came together and so we left on our bikes. I was already very excited for our journey and couldn’t wait to reach there as soon as possible.  There was no next stoppage until we reached the Mc Donald’s to have our morning breakfast. It was 9:30 till the time we reached to Bhiwandi. We completed around 50 km till the time we reached there and it was more 100 km long ride to go. According to my friend it will take around two to three hours for us to reach the place.

After having our stomachs full I was all set for our journey. The beautiful roads with scenic beauty on both the sides always fascinate me to drive and this is why I am a motovlogger today. Thankfully, Mumbai is blessed with a lot of good roads and the scenic beauty which helps in fulfilling my passion. After riding a few miles ahead I reached to the top of Kasara Ghat to rest and chill.  The place was a beauty in itself with little valleys and trees all round.  Just when all of my friends and me were resting and enjoying the beautiful view of the place I saw some people dancing and singing on the way. These were “Sai bhakts” walking on foot from Malabar hills to Shirdi for the diwali. It’s fascinating what people do and how dedicated they are. Few of those people wished to take selfies with mu R1 and after which we left from the place to our bhandardara camping trip.

On my way ahead I met a few of my friends and subscribers and it was gratifying how the journey became into a small meet up.  It is always good to meet the people who appreciate your work. After that we headed again for our journey. This is the first part of my road trip and the camping part is yet to come in the next part.

This was one of the most special and memorable journey that I had. There are various places to come forward like the bhandardara dam, Bhandardara Lake and other such places. Our one night camping near Mumbai has a lot to come and you could tune for the adventure in the second part.