Exclusive experience and lesson learnt from Solo Ride to Bangalore.


You guys must have seen my video till now. How was the video? Comment down below. I also told you that I will be sharing something interesting here on the blog about my ride from Mumbai to Bangalore which I didn’t share in the video. So first of all I would share with you the exclusive experience of the ride and after that I will tell you what is in the video.

From the start of my ride I was a bit sleepy because I didn’t have the chance to sleep as I was excited and was editing my last preparation video. So after completing around 500 kilometers from my home the situation got very worse and I felt that I won’t be able to complete this ride as there were long stretches of road and it won’t end easily. That time I motivated myself by saying that there is nothing in this world that you can achieve being negative. If you travel along with your friends you can complete your ride with their company having fun and enjoying the ride. But when you ride alone there is something inside you stopping you from having that fun because somewhere inside you there is at least a little of fear which stops you from enjoying the ride and you always have to be cautious during the ride because we don’t want any unexpected things to happen on our ride. You must be enjoying your ride alone but you must be scared or tensed at the same time with your ride. So I couldn’t enjoy my ride that much as I was scared and tensed and also on the other hand couldn’t explore that much. I also realised that I am not a long rider, I am an explorer which I understood in this ride. It was scary at that level that I couldn’t ride anymore because I realised that I am extremely tired and couldn’t complete the rest of journey ahead of me. It was then at this point I motivated myself that there must be MSKians who should be waiting to meet me at the meet up. I started bribing myself with the thoughts that I will be bathing in hot water after reaching Bangalore, I will be eating good food and sleeping in well quilted beds also I was dreaming that I might be taking some special Thai spa or massage from Bangalore which will relieve me from all the stress and pain of the ride.

Now I made a strategy how to shorten this tough journey by making small goals in my mind keeping the big goal of completing the rest 500 kilometers at the back of my mind because if I can complete the small goals my big goal will also get completed. I set a small goal in my mind to complete one hundred kilometers in one hour and then I will stop and take some rest. After that I started stopwatch on my watch and decided to halt somewhere after 100 kilometers and you won’t trust me after one hour I did complete 100 kilometers and realised that this thing really worked for me. So I completed one small goal of covering 100 kilometers in one hour and took a break of around 15 to 20 minutes, hydrated myself, took some rest and again decided to stop after next 100 kilometers after another hour.

However this idea actually worked for me although I have seen several other riders do the same thing but it was the first time for me and that too 1000 kilometers at a stretch and also solo. This idea however took me over 300 kilometers as I took three challenges and completed them with my will power. After completing such 3 challenges I felt a lot of back pain and fatigue as I couldn’t stretch myself and the seating posture of the motorcycle was such that it was a bit aggressive which was not at all relaxing in terms of touring. I was carrying two luggage bags at the same time, one at the rear seat and one on the tank of the motorcycle and so couldn’t stretch that much to get relief of the back pain. Oh I forgot to mention one thing that this time I was carrying the Leopard tank bag which helped me a lot in this ride as it was much spacious and convenient for any rider to use it on the motorcycle. In case you want to buy or check out the bag here is the link.

Okay so regarding my solo ride to Bangalore this thing of small goals, accepting a challenge of 100 kilometres and completing that in one hour without thinking that there is still 300 or 400 more left to do really worked for me. So the main point is that sometimes our goal seems to be very far enough from us but the thing is that if we keep that big goal or dream at the back of our mind and start working or focusing on small achievements or goals and praising yourself after achieving that small goals will definitely lead us to complete our big dream. By this only we can achieve bigger success in life completing the small steps which will thus lead us to complete a milestone there after. Because 1000 kilometers was a big thing for me and thinking about that only I was feeling negative and becoming depressed that I couldn’t complete it and once I started thinking about the next 100 kilometers in one hour only without thinking the rest of the journey I completed my journey without much depression or de-motivation.

So the thing which I learnt from the day was that never demotivate yourself thinking about your biggest dream which will leave you in fears and instead of that keep your biggest dream at the back of your mind because you need to know where you are going and start focusing and completing smaller goals in your life and the only you can lead yourself to your success path in achieving that biggest dream of your life.

Boond Boond se Ghada Bharta hai..Live your life, Live Your Dream…

The rest of the journey I will be uploading soon so stay tuned for more updates.