First Travel Vlog- Road Trip to Bhivpuri Waterfall Karjat


Travelling or excursion in itself is an amazing way to get close to nature. The natural beauty not only tempts our heart, but also takes us away from the hustle-bustle, irritating and busy lifestyle that we experience every day.

As every day must begin up with new excitement and hopes, thus, we went to have a thrilling experience at Bhivpuri waterfall which is somewhere around 100 km away from Mumbai. This was the first time that I have started up with my travel Vlog and I can’t explain how enthusiastic I was about this! So, Bhivpuri waterfall was our target destination which will be around 2 hours to reach. Still, as the road conditions were not quite satisfying, so instead of bothering my Yamaha R1, I undertook my journey with my companion Volkswagen Polo.

So, with few of my friends including Sharafat, Gaurav, Shafique and Sameer ( who has his own YouTube channel namely- Cool Sameer) were about to bash down this beautiful place and were going to have great fun under the naturally mesmerizing Waterfall near Mumbai! So, here is how our trip was!

Well, as most of you might have probably heard the idiom “You win some, you lose some!” that day too, on my trip to Bhivpuri by road, I also had to face bit of difficulties. In between half of the trip, my stomach started feeling uneasy and I vomited! I literally have spent the previous whole night preparing for this trip, and I didn’t want anything to ruin it!  Well, never mind I was still looking forward to the things that were about to counter this!

Well, after vomiting I was feeling hunger stuck! Thanks to the McDonalds franchisee that’s everywhere to serve your starving stomach. And thanks to my Red Bull as well, it actually gave me wings then! So, I was feeling much better and we planned to resume the journey and reach up our destination as early as we could! To reach the right spot, we had to take some turns from NH48 to NH79.

Damn! The irritating things weren’t ending there! As I already told you about the road conditions, my car went into a big dump and the front wheel got a bit hurt! Sorry polo! But, finally I am happy that we reached the destination, at the near waterfall safely. So we were at the place where we were supposed to park the car and from there, the waterfall was around 1 or 1 and a half km away, so the further journey was on foot! Although, the place was so mesmerizing that I had actually forgotten all the bad things that happened that day.

Here comes some fruitful information for other travelling lovers like me. If you are supposed to have a trip to Bhivpuri waterfall in Karjat, then you can either take the road – Karjat-Murbad road to Ashane Gaon, then ask anyone in Ashane Gaon about the waterfall. You can also get in your journey by train- Bhivpuri station to Umroli Gaon by walk or can even opt for a rickshaw which will cost you not much than Rs.15 per person; thanks, to the locals for all the information!

So now, my hard work was literally going to pay off as the waterfall had left me awestruck. This was really one of the most beautiful and naturally carved places that I have ever been to. There were 3 waterfalls in here, there was a big one and other two were mini waterfalls. The best thing about this place, as explained by a local resident, was that no one has ever died in there. It is actually safe and you can have lot of fun here while staying a bit alert. After chilling in the waterfall, we were going to have bit of a trek at a small hill nearby.

We literally had a lot of fun at the Bhivpuri waterfall and this experience will forever stay remarkable for me. You can also do Waterfall Rappelling here in Bhivpuri waterfall but for that you have google it the concern person. My friends really stayed like a huge support. So, you can have a look at the video and if you like it then please do subscribe, like and share. So till then, have a great time and stay tuned!

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