Ganpati Visarjan! The most special part of my festival vlog


India is a nation of festivals where we celebrate a festival on all 365 days of the year. Being a part of such a beautiful nation, it becomes very difficult for a vlogger like me for not to shoot video of a festival. As a Mumbaikar one of the most loved festivals is Ganpati Visarjan and this vlog was on Ganpati Visarjan. So let us get started!

It was 10th of September 2016, and the clock showed 4:45 in the evening. One of my friends had invited me to attend the Ganpati Visarjan so for that I was traveling to Vashi that day. I was all set with all my things ready. I wore my knee pad and mounted my Go Pro a little higher this time. Many of my subscribers had a complaint that my angle was not proper and the view was a bit lower. So I mounted my Go Pro a little higher before I left for my friend’s house. I also prepared and packed my tank bag of Yamaha R1. Yes, guys! I was taking my R1 that day. So I had already mounted my tank bag on my bike, and I was all set to roll for the day.

The day was quite beautiful and sunny, and it was good that it was not raining that day. I really hoped that my GoPro Hero 4 Black was mounted right so that all my viewers could see it through the right angle. I had been struggling really bad with the problem of angle from a long time.

I nearly forgot to tell you that I was not traveling to Vashi alone. My friend Dev was about to join me, and he was waiting for me near Mumbai University. So I was to meet him first, and then he will accompany me to our decided place. After traveling a few minutes, I saw Dev waiting for me. If you have seen my other video, then you might recognize him. Dev owns a black Royal Enfield Thunderbolt 350 which is quite a stunning piece in itself. We both started on with our journey to Vashi and reached there witnessing a lot of Dhol and noises. I could see my friends Royal Enfield Classic 350 parked and I knew that he was waiting for us at home. Now Dev and I started heading towards my friends home. It was a warm welcome at our friend’s home, and the retake was a bit funny. There were many friends and family around, and it was good to see everyone enjoying and smiling around.

After meeting everyone, it was time for the worship and last arti of lord Ganesha before bidding him goodbye in the water. Ganpati idol was taken to the car, and the real visarjan was about to start with dhol and a lot of dancing. The dhol and music started, and everyone danced all the way to the visarjan place. It was quite fun to watch everyone dancing and enjoying the festival to their fullest. The one thing for which Mumbai police must be saluted is the level of safety they maintain during any festival in Mumbai. Along with us, there were many other people taking their Ganpati idols for visarjan. Satya, Riya, Appy, Ash, Ranjit, and Dev were the most important part of the video but not more important than the Lord himself.

We finally reached to the visarjan place which was the Vashi talab, and my friend took their idol singing Ganpati arti and clapping for one more time. It is believed that whispering your wish into the ears of Ganesha makes it come true, so everyone was trying their luck. At last every one touches the feet of lord Ganesha and bid him goodbye by taking him into the water!