How I Edited My Tour of North Trailer


Writing is something which can give life to any emotions, any situations. I am really grateful that everyone has liked my trailer video of the Tour of North East and I have shared my whole memorable adventurous journey of the tour in the 10 episodes. But I wasn’t able to share my experience related to the editing of the trailer video anywhere, that is, how many days I have taken to do the editing, what are the challenges that I have faced, the struggle of selecting the perfect song etc. Basically, in this article I will be sharing with you everything related to the scenes that happened behind the making of the trailer and also the songs used in the trailer will be revealed.

Effect of Weather Changes:
So, after finishing one of the most beautiful trip of North East, finally my flight was on 20th March morning and at last I reached Mumbai. After coming at Mumbai, I had to start my normal life which includes vlogging, editing and also office work. During the trip I wasn’t able to focus on office work, so as soon as I came back I started doing all the work including the office work. But in all these the biggest challenge that has arrived in front of me is the climate change. Sela pass, TawangDuring the whole trip, wherever we have stayed the temperate was really low. And somehow my body was adapted to that climate. So suddenly after coming to Mumbai, where the temperate is just the opposite which even crossed 40 degree Celsius, my body wasn’t able to cope with the change. Because of that, I was literally sleeping for 16 hours per day for almost three to four days. I dint really fell sick but it took time for my body to cope with the climatic change. In this also, somehow I managed to dedicate at least 2 or 3 hours to my office work. In between all these, lots of messages started coming from my subscribers who were eagerly waiting for my videos. At last I decided that no matter what I have to start focusing on my work. But as we all know everything doesn’t happen that easily. Problems and obstacles are a part of life and also once one can overcome those, the result becomes more beautiful.

Above the Benchmark:
Generally when we take break from our work, the flow doesn’t really stay the same. As I have mentioned before, I was quite adapted with the life of the tour which has resulted in the change of a lot of habits and also laziness came into the picture.

Ladakh trailer

But dedication can beat anything and this has pushed me to start my work. After that I started searching for a proper song that can fit with the emotions of the tour. Already the Ladakh video had created a benchmark which had increased the level of expectations of my subscribers as well as mine and for that my main motive was to create a video that can beat the level of Ladakh Trailer. Here also another challenge arrived which is the second one.

Selection of the Perfect Music:
And the next challenge is related to the song for the trailer. First of all I wasn’t able to get the proper song and on top of that copyright report has been claimed against the song chosen for Ladakh Trailer. Keeping the copyright issue in my mind, I started searching for songs from of my few favorite artists and also which won’t have any copyright issue. Out of all, I thought I will select David Cutter’s song but most of his songs are full of fun but I wanted something which can portray both the fun and serious part of the tour. At last, I was successful in selecting the perfect song for the trailer. So, I have chosen one song from David’s collection and one song from “”. It is a music library with lot of music collections and they allow one month free trial and after that they charge $15/month.

Songs used in Tour of North East Trailer:
Music Number 1: Hour is Nigh -from Epidemic Sound
(you need to get subscription to use this music)

Music Number 2: Our Last Stand -from Epidemic Sound
(you need to get subscription to use this music)

Music Number 3: Whack-a-Mole -From David Cutter
(You need to take permission from David Cutter to use his music, he gave me permission to use his music)

Storage Problem:
After the selection of song, the next level was to edit the video. Here comes the third challenge- the problem of laptop storage. The size of the footage that I have rolled for the Tour of North East was 800 GB and the capacity of my laptop is 500 GB ,out of which 200 GB is being occupied. So for that I couldn’t edit the video in my laptop.

That time I decided to buy an iMac for which I was planning from many days. And at last I bought the iMac whose capacity is 1 TB and the full transfer is done. Also a lot of time was consumed while seeing all the footages as for each episode I have taken footages of more than 100 GB.

Camera gears used to take all the footages-
Primary Camera:-
Secondary Camera:-
External Mic:-

Motovlogging Setup:
Accessories Kit:-
J – Hook Helmet Mounts :-
Lavalier Mic (Rainy season):-
MXL Mic for GoPro (Motovlogging):-

Mobile Phone:-

Story is Important more than Editing:
Next step was to prepare the trailer. While preparing, the most important thing that I have kept in mind is that the trailer should be able to give a proper overview of the whole journey. Accordingly, I have planned the best way which is separation of footages. So I had separated the footages of various types of roads, various people I met, various incidents and various types of food at various places.

North East India

Coming to food, in the whole journey the taste of food kept changing with the places and even the taste of coffee and tea had also changed. After all these, I wasn’t still satisfied and I realized something was missing and that’s when an idea of showing a short story in the trailer strike my mind. With that idea, I have made a short story showing few glimpses of each day of my journey which has basically resulted in two partitions of the trailer. One part is all about the obstacles, challenges faced and the other part shows the enjoyment and fun part of the journey. In the trailer you people can see that I haven’t used much effects in editing and all. Because my main motive was to ->
i) match the incidents with the music beats
ii) convey the actual storyline of the journey  and the most important
iii) portraying the emotions of that period. After overcoming all these obstacles, at last the video was being edited successfully.

Lesson learnt:
Each journey ,each day of life teach us something. Even this journey has taught me a lot of things but the most important thing which it has taught me is how to stay positive in difficult situations and keep the courage in mind. And from the editing journey of the trailer, I can give you a simple tip. Editing is important but conveying the right storyline is the most important. In my video every frame tells a story, and each story portrays the emotions of that period. A video should be made in such a way that the viewer can think himself as a part of all the incidents that has happened in the video. So this is all about the Journey in a Nutshell. I wish you all have enjoyed the trailer of one of my beautiful journey.

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