About kalsubai trek 2016 – Awesome Monsoon & Amazing Trekking Experience


Kalsubai is a famous temple situated on the highest peak of the mountain of Maharashtra and I am going to share my experience of Kalsubai Trek 2016. Trekking near Mumbai is quite fun and Kalsubai trek in monsoon is just unbelievable amazing experience. The plan regarding Kalsubai Trekking was suddenly made by one of my friend who is professionally an actor. I like his idea and after that on 18th June, 2016 with our other two friends we started our kalsubai trek in monsoon.  We four friends on our bikes enjoyed the smooth road and my Yamaha R1 bike was just smooth on the beautiful Mumbai Nasik highway. After a long riding we decided to rest in a restaurant and coincidentally found a guy who was alone eating his food and was also going to Kalsubai peak trek and when I told him to join us, he agreed and joined us on our kalsubai trek from Mumbai.

Bari village and our Kalsubai Trekking mission were finally accomplished

While moving for Kalsubai trekking in Maharashtra, Bari village is the point from where we started our Kalsubai trekking. We reached the Bari village and there we parked our bikes at the local house of a villager and as we had nothing to eat after trekking so we ordered chicken curry and we had a really bad experience with it which I will tell you later in this story. After that we went on kalsubai trek route and started moving forward and guess what a dog lead us way which is unknown by us……..well, it’s funny but we love our four leg friend and after that we finally reached the Kalsubai Temple and trust me you will not imagine the kalsubai difficulty level as it takes 4 hours to get that place and came back. But guys, our journey of kalsubai trekking worth it as the temple is really beautiful, breathtaking and feels relaxed.
Kalsubai Temple

Our bad experience with the chicken curry during Kalsubai trekking

After we came back from kalsubai trek, we all were very excited for the chicken curry we ordered before going for trek, but guess what the villager’s fooled us with the chicken curry as there was very few piece of chicken in it and there is only gravy in it. Besides this, rotis they gave us to eat was also not fresh and from this experience, I suggest you that whenever you will go for trekking in Maharashtra then always have your own food or ordered only simple food like daal and chawal as they are the only food which is served fresh. Well after all of this, we all get really tired and we hired a farmhouse for sleeping and it was cost us 200 rupees per head but as we all are tired so we took that offer. Next morning we came back to our home sweet home, but the experience we gained from kalsubai trekking was priceless and we all enjoyed a lot.

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