My Style Diwali celebration at Haji Ali and Worli Sea Face!


India is the country of festivals and we celebrate a festival on almost every day of the year. However, there are these few festivals that are know whole of our country and one of them is diwali. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals ever celebrated in India and is also known as the festival of lights. Hello friends I am Mohd. Salim Khan and I am back again to share my sweet and short diwali celebration in my way. When the whole country is busy lighting crackers and enjoying the sweets I decided to spend some good time with my fellow folks and celebrate the festival of lights.  I was curious to know what my friends think of this festival and how much they know about it. So here is my short and sweet diwali celebration memory.

It was 10:30 pm on 31st of October 2016 where half of the country was busy lighting up the crackers and celebrate diwali.  I planned to meet up some of my friends and celebrate the festival as well. So I started up my R1 and headed to our planned place. The moment I sit on my bike, it is a very indefinable and powerful feeling. I am sure most of the bikers and riders feel the same but the thing which very rider must understand that we all are responsible for our lives and your family and therefore we must act accordingly. After all safety is all that matters. With this thought I headed on to the place where I decided to meet my fellows.

As I was riding on my way I could see the roads filled with smoke and cracker rappers and yet everyone smiling. I wondered why people celebrate the festival of light. As I am from a different religion and background I do not have much knowledge of the subject and therefore I decided to ask my friends about why people celebrate diwali.  A few miles later I spotted BuFFMotO standing and waiting for me at our same old spot at Matunga circle. We headed on to Worli Sea Face where our other friends including Rough Rider were waiting for us.

Diwali is not all about crackers and fireworks but it is about meeting people, celebrating with friends and spreading happiness. Therefore I decided not to contribute to the pollution with great fireworks instead of simply dancing with friends and burning little crackers. I have also brought my JBL speakers along to enjoy the good music. After reaching to the Worli Sea Face and meeting all friends, Zanil my friend who was to bring crackers opened the box to us. There was lights and crackers all around the place and we sat there for little chit chat.

Our next destination was Hajji Ali where we decided to carry on the next part of our trip. Soon we reached to the place and I could spot the famous dargah right in front of me. After having some snacks we finally started lighting up the crackers and enjoying with one another. It was just then I realized the beauty of our nation where we were celebrating diwali in front of the very sacred dargah. I hardly believe there is any other country like ours at any place in the globe. After having a lot of fun with the crackers, it was a little interrogation time for my friends as I was to ask them certain questions about the festival.

Just as expected! None of my friends were sure of what exactly the festival is celebrated for. A shame I believe! If you are also mot aware of the festival just like my friends, let me inform you a little about the festival. Diwali is the festival of light and is celebrated in the recollection of the moment when lord Ram returned to his empire after 14 years. It is celebrated as the festival of li9ght and happiness where Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha are worshipped by the people.

We danced all the night long and had a lot of fun with the crackers till it was almost one in the night. We decided to leave back home with a note of safe diwali to my friends. I left back home after a small and sweet diwali celebration in my style.