PowerDrift Mumbai- Pune Meetup at Lonavla 2016


There is only one life, and we must live it to our fullest.  Following your passion and working towards it will not only make your life exciting but it will help you become a successful person as well.  I follow my passion for vlogging and riding and therefore my today’s content is about one of my passions. Hello friends today I will be sharing with you my wonderful experience on the Mumbai Pune power drift meet where I met a lot of new and old friends and enjoyed to the fullest. So let us get started!

It was a Sunday of 16th October, and I started my journey at 7:00am in the morning. I was very excited to ride to lonavla, and it was after a long time I was to meet many famous riders like Oggy F, BuFFMotO, Rough Rider and many others like them. I carried a lot of my gears and instruments with me which I used to shoot my vlog perfectly. The gears that I carried included my GoPro Hero 4 without which I cannot do my vlogging. Other instruments were my power bank, the GoPro battery, my RODE Mic and its battery, my SD cam, the mounts, Sony recorder, my Gorilla Tripod, clips and most importantly, my gloves. And the one thing that is always very important for my vlog is my Sony alfa a6300. So I carried all this for the road trip, and the power drift meet up to be held at Lonavla.

I traveled first to Kala Nagar where all the other riders from Mumbai gathered to head forward to Lonavala.  I packed all my stuff together and left for the adventure ahead. It was early morning and the day was perfect for a long drive. Lonavla is a wonderful place and long bike rides to the place is always very pleasing and wonderful. I started on with cleaning my Yamaha R1 and boasting over the new MSK logo I placed on the front of my bike. So I started my bike and left for the planned place.

It was almost 8:00am when I reached Kala Nagar and there no one was there attend me as I was the only punctual guy. After waiting for about five to ten minutes, all the riders were present on the place. We did a short introduction session t know each other in a better way, and then all of us left for lonavla to attend the power drift meet up. The meeting and gathering were planned at Sheetal Dhaba, so all of us left for the place. Before we reached to lonavla, we filled our tanks and crossed the Vashi toll Naka to head forward.

Lonavla is one of the most renowned vacation destinations, but only a few people know that it is very famous for the racing too. Before attending the power drift meet, I visited lonavla for the drag race held at Amby Valley. I was mesmerized by the view when I was riding on the way to Lonavala. If you have never visited the place yet, then I would suggest you to try a road trip to Lonavala at least once in your life.

The roads to lonavla are beautiful and dangerous too. Riding in itself is a very risky and cautious job. While I was thinking the same while driving, I nearly saved myself from getting hit by a dog. But thankfully I am a cautious rider. Soon after riding for some hours we reached to the Sheetal dhaba at Lonavala.  The place was heavily crowded and full of riders from all round Mumbai and Pune. The area wad so crowded that I had to struggle to find a place to park my bike. I decided to explore the place a little bit for my viewers. The area was full of different and marvelous bikes.

As I mentioned earlier that the place was full of riders and vloggers, I got the opportunity to meet some of the India’s most famous vloggers like the Oggy F, BuFFMotO and Rough Rider, etc. it was pleasing to meet my fans and subscribers at the meet as well. At the demand of my subscribers, I vroomed my R1 and made them hear its exhaust sound. All in all, it was a great experience to meet new people and riders, and after all, it was only the purpose of the meet.

On our way back we stopped at Mc Donald’s to fill our stomachs. After a good meal, we all left for our homes. The journey was great, and I hoped that my readers and viewers enjoyed a lot as well. After a ride of few hours I reached back home with a thank, you note to the god for helping me reach safely to the house. It was the end of my journey to the Mumbai- Pune PowerDrift meet up!