Reason for the Sudden Silence !!


Few days back, I used to upload daily vlogs without failure and adding to my happiness, I have realized that people are liking the vlogs. Everything was going fine. But since 4/5 days, I havenot uploaded any daily vlogs. You all might be wondering the reason of this sudden silence of my channel. Here is the reason behind not uploading videos.

So, in my daily vlogs the contents were related to my daily life and the normal routine. And eventually, I have realized that the contents are almost the same, the same way of wearing and removing shoes scenes, going out, coming back to my room  etc. Basically, things were repetitive. Nothing creative, innovative was there in those vlogs. And that’s when I have decided that, I need to work on few things, need to improve a few skills and took a little free space from my daily routine. So, I started working on Color Grading, which I have posted in my Instagram story also(if you guys remember) and also I have learnt how to create LUT(LookUp Table) and few more things. Also, I have analyzed few things which need to be changed like reading books, waking up early in the morning, not misusing time on internet etc.

In a Nutshell:
I think in our life, even if everything is going right, we need to give time to ourselves so that we can improve our skills, understand where we are lacking and then only we can work on all those and fill up the gaps. Even I also did the same in these few days and have planned for a new start. If everything goes right according to the planned way, then well and good. But if it doesn’t happen that way, then also its good because may be God has planned it in his own way. To the conclusion, we should not rush all the time, we need to give time for ourselves for becoming a more improved person. Baas itna hi bolna tha. Aur kya!! Baki sab badiya hai.


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