Road Trip to Bhandardara Camping (Part 2)


If you have read the last part of this content then you must be aware that I am sharing with you friends my amazing road trip and camping experience to Bhandardara resort. In the part 1 of this trip I shared with you people my amazing road trip to Bhandardara and this here I will be continuing with my one night camping near Mumbai. Though we are travelling to the place in winters but you will enjoy the bhandardara camping in monsoon the most as at that time the scenic beauty of the place enhances even more. So here is the continuation of how we reached to the place and started with our adventure.

In the last part I had already met my subscriber and then we headed on for our journey ahead.  Camping in Maharashtra is quite preferred by people and the reason is that it has a lot of adventurous places and a lot of scenic beauty too. The roads and place where we were heading had a lot of natural beauty which made the trip even better. As we were getting close to the village the scenic beauty was getting better but the roads were getting worse. It was clear that the village still has its beauty untouched. We checked the map in between and it made us realize that we were really close to our destination.  I stopped in between to ask for a way to Bhandardara lake where is found a man selling the desi home made sweets.  I was just checking out with the sweets when Dev told me that we will have to wait for our other friends as they are far behind us.

We waited for our other fellows for quite some time and yet they couldn’t join us.  So I decided to drive a little ahead to the famous Dam till then. The place was perfect for an outing and it made all our driving worthwhile. The Bhandardara dam is a really big one and I was standing on the other side where the camping took place. Our friends were still not there and we got to know that they lost their way in some other direction. While Dev went back to catch them, I decided to sit there and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the place. The drive was really long and we still did not reached the camping place and it was 5: 30 in the evening. The lake near the dam was vas clear and clean. The boats and ropes near it made quite clear about the adventurous water sports happening on the place.  The setting sun made the place even beautiful.

Dev was soon able to catch with our other mates and then we headed back to our journey. We had to go to the other side of the lakes but before that we had to buy petrol from a shop in the village. You might be surprised to know that we literally bought the petrol in bottles at a normal shop I the village as because the petrol pump was around 40 kms away from the place. We were searching for a petrol and chicken shop to get some raw chicken for the meal and petrol to get ahead of that place. Soon we were able to find a petrol shop and we bought some liters of petrol and chicken for our journey.

The people of the village were so simple and down to earth which was just in contrast with the lifestyle people live in Mumbai. I spent some god time with the kids in the village till the time my friends were buying the chicken. There were two kids with a small baby boy who probably fell in love with my bike. We then got started with our journey again as we wanted to reach to the place as soon as we could. The roads got narrower and the weather got chiller as we headed to our destination.

Bhandardara camping and resort is really famous spot for all the adventure and nature lovers and I would suggest a must visit to the place. We were about to reach to our destination and the sun had already gone. Our stay at the place was going to be more exciting and awesome. To know the other part of the journey you can look out for the third part of my trip.