Road Trip to Bhandardara Camping (Part 3)


Camping with friends is always and fun and memorable. I had already reached to the Bhandardara camping spot with my friends and it was 6:30 in the evening. If you have read the first and second part of the journey then you might know how I and my four friends travelled all the way from Mumbai to Bhandardara on our bikes. The journey from where we started took it almost 155 kilo meters to reach our destination and our road trip was never so memorable. The road trip to bhandardara was as good as the place itself. It was dark by the time we reached there but I could say that our journey had only begun. There was a lot more enjoyment to come which made it our one of the most memorable camping in Maharashtra.

We started from our homes at 6: 30 in the morning and we have reached our destination at 6: 30 in the evening. This means that we took 12 hours to complete our road trip and I could say that it was one of the longest road trips that I had. We soon started up with the camping and setting up of the camps and prepared for the night. There were other people too apart from us and they were camping as well. We hired two camps for five people, one with three beds and the other with two beds. It was night but the beauty of the place was no less. We lit up the bonfire and Zeon started up with the preparation if the dinner.

As I already mentioned in the previous part that we had raw chicken for our dinner, Zeon prepared for us the very delicious chicken tandoor and the session was really great. It was a perfect place for camping and spending a night with nature. The night was spent singing dancing and playing guitar. We danced and sang till it was 1 o clock in night and we all were tired like hell. I slept in the beautiful weather as there was even better day to come the next morning.

We woke up the other morning and waking up to such a mesmerizing view is an entirely different feeling. The people who arranged all the set up brought us breakfast and tea after which we got ready for the water ride. The Place is surrounded by small mountains, trees and clear waters where you can always feel the winds on your face. Next was the time for boating where our camping guide guided us to the lake. The place is fully untouched and you can enjoy the nature’s beauty to its fullest.  As we approached to the lake, it was deep blue and clean water with a beautiful view all around.

If you want to enjoy as we did then you must go for the Bhandardara camping in monsoon as the beauty of that place gets even better. We took a long boat drive all across the river and it was quite long. I couldn’t see any other people around me. Nothing can be better than spending a night in between nature and experiencing such a great adventure. Te boat ride was very soothing and I even learned to drive a motor boat. It was not that tough though! We enjoyed the boat ride to the fullest and then we returned back to our camps.

The whole day was spent at the camp singing and dancing. We had lunch and visited the other places near the lake as well. It was an awesome experience. We left for our homes late in the afternoon taking all the memories and views with us. Bhandardara is a beautiful place with innocent people and beautiful locations. It was really a memorable experience!