Sometime you just need an Inspiration!


Exploring your passion and working hard for achieving it, is one of the toughest deeds you may have to undergo. However, successful are those who have the compassion to achieve their passion! Same is the story of my life! Hello guys, this is Mohammed Salim Khan, an actor, and I am here with the story of my dreams to undertake Vlogging as my hobby and passion!

Somewhere around from 2012, I knew that Vlogging is the only thing which can satisfy my life above any other monetary or nonmonetary advances. I have been to several places like Ladakh, Manali, Chandigarh, Goa, Mahabaleshwar and have even got an amazing collection of videos or short clips of each of these places. However, the only thing that has deprived me of taking a step ahead, and uploading them to YouTube is lack of self-confidence and the thought that how people will judge me. So, read further, and discover how I overcame my weakness and won like a star!

With such a prolific collection of videos, I still lacked the self-motivation that makes a person feel proud and confident about oneself. However, as it is said, that every person, once in his lifetime, gets a source of inspiration which transforms his whole life, I also got that ray of hope!

Mumbaikar Nikhil, a famous YouTuber turned out to be this inspiration for me. While on one side when I was troubled about what people will think about my videos, on the other side I met one of my old friends who introduced Nikhil’s name to me. He described an instance where he saw Nikhil surrounded by his YouTube followers and fans. After some days, my brother too showed me a video that featured Mumbaikar Nikhil. This was the second time when I was listening about Nikhil and how amazing this guy is!

I instantly started watching Nikhil’s videos and came to know that there are several other people like OggyF, The Everyday India who belonged to the same genre and their videos left me surprised and spellbound! The videos were not just simple videos for me, but it injected a strong motive and message in my mind which let me gain the lost confidence back. The video was all about “living your passions and live like a true star. It has been a lot; you have struggled a lot and have seen a lot! Now, it’s the time to start thinking about your dreams and live for it!”

This videos made me understand about what I have been doing through my whole life. It made me realize, that when I reach up to the end stages of my life, I don’t want to regret and cry about my dream of Vlogging that I didn’t fulfill. Now, I knew that it’s not about success, and pleasing others it’s just about “ME.” I would love to thank Nikhil for being the hidden source of inspiration that I have been looking for.

Now I am all set with my amazing collection of equipment like Canon EOS 600D, iPhone 6s 128 GB, GoPro Hero 4 Black, iPad Mini 64 GB, Zoom H6 Handy Recorder, Rode VideoMic Pro R, Sony Video recorder, Rode NTG4+ Shotgun, 2 softboxes for lighting, MacBook Pro, Final cut pro and JBL speakers. Along with My travel partner Yamaha R1, Volkswagen Polo, Cosmic Cycle, Bajaj discover 150 to rock the world of Vlogging! And start up with my first Video! So, stay tuned for more!