Unveiling out the Sony a6300- Photo shoot Vlog!


Vlogging (video blogging) has literally somewhere filled my life with the happiness that I had been craving for. I had now come up with numerous vlogs, and thanks for the love and affection that you guys had reposed till yet. As you all know that I had recently purchased my Sony a6300, I was going to welcome it up with my new photo shoot vlog. I planned to get some casual and formal shots at various locations and my friends have assisting me in this. This was the first ever  vlog that I was about to shoot from my Sony a6300, and you will experience how amazing its sound and picture quality is! So let’s get started!

Well, before I get the shoot done, I need to get some shopping done. As I haven’t got a good white t-shirt in my wardrobe yet!  I was traveling towards phoenix market city mall. And as I reached, and struggled around various outlets, I planned to purchase out all the stuff from pantaloons here. I had tried on various clothes and had fortunately found the one that were going to enhance my look in the photo shoot. So the shopping cart includes a white t-shirt, a shirt, and a trouser as well. After shopping, it was quite late and I was heading off to my home!

It was already 6:30 in the morning the next day and the weather was quite fresh. My friends had already reached to our first shoot location which was café crème. Eventually, I felt like having good friends was a blessing, you can’t actually figure out how important they were to survive in this world full of cut-throat competitions. Same was the case with my crazy friends, they were truly my support! So, as I was here, I could see them struggling out with the reflectors, camera and other scene settings, till the work went on let me introduce you to my friends. Here we welcome Sunny, Pari, Rajesh who was going to be our splendid photographer, Manjari my makeup artist and Durgesh the boss.

The location was quite well; the place wasn’t crowded much so we had a good casual shoot in there.  I was wearing simple outfit that makes you feel at home, so, you can actually witness that’s it’s just a guy hanging out in the café. After some satisfying shots, I was in my new look and we were at our second location, which was quite like a halfway constructed house or office with the windows and doors still not in place. We were having a great view through here! Here, we were going to have some shots in my beige jacket and white-T! Oh, I surely look stunning!

So, we were all done with the second location and were moving on to our third and final location. This was actually my friend Sanket’s farmhouse in Khargar, so, I am actually thankful to him for this place. This was a formal shoot so I was going to be in a suit, flaunting some formal manly looks! Well, some of these friends that I had were really nasty; they don’t leave a single opportunity to tease me out at times.

So finally, we were done with the first ever vlog with my Sony a6300 which did a fabulous job and the photo shoot was also done. Now we were at a calm place after having a fully tiring day, filled with lots of fun! I literally had a great time with all these irreplaceable friends of mine and now we were around the city and having some chill before getting back to home. So, if you like my Vlog, then please do like, subscribe and share! Till then, had a great time!