Water Rafting Guidelines (Video with Subtitle) | Kolad, Maharashtra | 2016


My friends and I decided to go for river rafting. The first problem we had was to decide the spot. We decided Kolad river rafting after some discussions. When we reached there, we were quite excited for Kundalika river rafting. There was happiness on everyone’s face. Our river rafting guide was a nice person. He was very helpful and he made us aware of how white river rafting should be done properly. The way he taught us techniques to enjoy along with avoiding unfortunate river rafting accidents was just amazing.

He connected with us for white water rafting at Kundalika river so well that we were able to follow his instructions on how to avoid river rafting accidents. He made “do’s and don’ts” clear in our mind. We were able to follow him pretty easily. Everything he said to us was crystal clear to us and we all were able to follow his guidelines without any hesitation while river rafting. By his knowledge, I could tell that he was an experienced rafter and he knew everything about river rafting. He cleared each doubt before we stepped in the river for rafting.
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